Integrative Health Practitioner
Executive Coach
M.S. Psychology

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The 2 things you will always have a relationship with are: Yourself & Food. Let me show you how to have the best relationship with both

Hi I’m Lauren! I teach my clients how their psychological and emotional states directly influence their body and health, and how to positively utilize their thoughts and feelings to achieve their health and wellness goals. Oh and guess what? When your relationship with your body and yourself improves, so does your career, wealth and relationships because everything is interconnected on a deep level.

I strongly believe that everyone deserves to have their best Health, Wealth and Relationships and my passion and purpose in life is to show people the best and easiest way to do that in a way that fits their individual needs and lifestyle. What you think and feel on a regular basis directly influences your wellbeing and life. I love guiding my clients to understand and reach their highest potential!




My Life Coaching & Integrative Health Coaching are custom designed to help you breakthrough patterns and bad habits


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“Your Life is a
Creation of Your Thoughts,
Beliefs & Emotions”

A little about me…

At age 19 I became a certified yoga instructor while in college which deepened my commitment not only to my physical health but also my emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

I began to clearly see and understand on deeper levels how my psychological and emotional experiences influence my body and overall health. I then became passionate about the influence of the mind over the body and committed achieving optimal health learning to effectively change my mental and emotional state.
This passion lead me to earn a M.S. in Psychology, during which time I also became a member of the Psi Chi Honors Society, which is an international organization that recognizes academic excellence in the field of psychology. I then began counseling clients and teaching people how to create positive state change in their minds to order to create optimal physical health.

My Coaching, Executive Coaching and Integrative Health practice combines my background in psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and the latest research on nutrition and wellness to provide my clients and course students with highly customized care to restore and maintain optimal health in ALL areas of of their life: Health, Wealth, Career and Relationships (and Spirituality, if spiritually oriented).

My purpose in life is to assist and show people heal physically, mentally and emotionally so that they can become the healthiest and most fulfilled version of themselves they wish to be.

Life Coach & Health Coach
Integrative Health & Weight Loss Coaching
Certified Yoga Instructor
Holistic Nutritionist
M.S. Psychology
Integrative Health Practitioner
E: LaurenClaytonTotalHealth@gmail.com


  • Not only have I gained insight as to how to start a successful health and wellness coaching business more importantly connecting with Lauren has given me the confidence that I take to my practice each day.

    Lindsay Drennen MMFT, Health & Wellness Coach
  • Lauren has been an incredible mentor and guide. She counseled me through a break up and helped me make positive changes and manifest a new way of living.

    Tracy Gardner Entrepreneur
  • Unlike other counsellors I have worked with, Lauren is fully invested in her clients. She would regularly check in with me to see how I was doing and she was always available for a quick text or chat if I found myself to be stuck.

    B.G. CEO

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